Appreciation from Building & Grounds

A shoutout goes to Chad, Justine, and family for their hard work in helping to beautify and maintain our grounds. Chad has taken on the task of mowing and weed whacking the property on alternate weeks with Jon. He has also cleaned out and organized the shed! It’s now possible to walk into the shed and find what you are looking for without tripping on mower parts or the garden rake!

Chad ordered a huge pile of free organic mulch, which is now located next to the shed. Justine, Henry, and Finn spent a Saturday morning moving mulch from the pile to the playground. They made at least 40 trips back and forth, making a substantial dent in the mulch mountain. That takes dedication and endurance! We are also thankful for Chad’s honey bees on our property. The bees have been busy pollinating our garden plants and flowers, as they make honey. They are a useful educational tool and a demonstration of “the interdependent web… of which we are a part.” Speaking of pollinating plants, Justine has added pollinator-friendly native plants to our Monarch Garden and helped with weeding the plot around the Peace Pole.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It shows!

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