Garden News!

Our gardens are thriving, with all the sun and rain we have been getting! We are harvesting pounds of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. The kale this year has been remarkably free of the cabbage moth caterpillar, which had been a problem in the past. (I am hoping that the birds have been feeding them to their nestlings.) After having been eaten back by the groundhog, the beans have recovered and are bearing nicely. The pepper plants are doing well; we just have to be patient and wait until they turn from green to yellow. Recently we planted collard seeds and we’re looking forward to garnering a nice fall crop. A full bed of potatoes has been harvested as well as a bed of garlic. Both have been delivered to the Cluster.

When the weather gets a little cooler we plan on weed whacking the garden paths, covering them with landscaping fabric and topping it all off with a thick layer of mulch. This will make the garden area neater and a lot less weedy. We would also like to clear the weeds and grasses out of the compost bin area and get back to creating our own compost. If anyone would like to help out with this effort please let me know. Since the garden committee meets only once a week (every Wednesday from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm), there is always so much more we could do with one or two extra helping hands. As always, thanks so much to my gardening partners, Sam and Mary. Your help is much appreciated!


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