Who’s Who At UUFP


~~Board of Directors~~

President: Linda Kozitzky

Vice President: Open

Secretary: Mary Ryan

Treasurer: Kris Barnthouse

At-large Board Member: Miranda Van Horn

At-large Board Member: Monica Buckley

~~ Board Committees ~~

Committee on Shared Ministry: Chair: Open

Nominating Committee: Chair: Open

~~Committee Council~~

Chair: Mary Ryan

1. Facilities: Co-Chair: Jon Price

Facilities Co-Chair: Mary Ryan

Gardens: Kay Price

2. Treasurer: Kris Barnthouse

3. Member Services: Chair: Miranda Van Horn

Greeter: Jon Dreazen

Sunday Coffee: Kay Price

Newsletter: Kim Kulp

4. Adult RE: Miranda Van Horn

5. Children and Youth Religious Education Committee (CYRE): Valery Murdock

6. Social Justice/UUAction: Chair: Open

7. Pottstown Cluster: Miranda Van Horn 

8. Denominational Affairs: Open    

9. Website Administrators: Rick and Erica Duske       

10. Worship: Chair: Mary Ryan  

~~ RE Teachers~~

Nursery: Amanda Dill

RE Class (K-5): Megan Mickle

Tweens Class (6-8th): Ruby Barnthouse