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Enjoying our 55th Anniversary! 10/15/2022

Past Ministers: Reverends Kerry Mueller & David Hunter

Click the links below to see the pictures of each group!

Pledge Drive, Bake-Off 4/11/21:

April  2021 at Gardening Day UUFP

March 2021 Walking Group at Coventry Woods

Welcome New Members!

Climate March, Pottstown April 2019


Albert Appreciation Day, February 2019!

 Marianne, our former choir director, playing our new baby grand piano generously donated by CJ!

From the Beginning:



To Celebrating 50 Years of Service, Community and Giving  

Winning 50th Anniversary Logo by R.J.

50th Anniversary Dinner

Two fun events from this summer that were part of UUFP’s 50th anniversary celebration:  The UUFP Prom on June 10th,

4th of July Picnic and Pool Party 

UUFP Throughout The Years

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