Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Pottstown

Rites of Passage

In all religions in all times people have celebrated life’s significant moments: birth, coming of age, forming a family and passing to what lies beyond this life. The Unitarian and Universalist liberal religions were pacesetters in each of these areas. They became the inheritance of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations when they merged in 1961.

Our services are available to all who seek a welcoming environment where their beliefs are honored and their spiritual growth encouraged.


Forming a family is the culmination of growth and maturation, expanding one’s self to include another in a loving relationship. While we perform traditional weddings we also proudly honor the love shared by same-sex couples. The ceremony is determined by the couple in consultation with the Minister and can vary from traditional to a unique service largely created by the couple.

Memorial and Funeral Services

Services of remembrance honor the deceased while bringing comfort, support and understanding to survivors. The ceremony can be developed by the Minster in consultation with the family or by the family with the approval of the Minister.

Baptism/Christening/Child Dedication

Baptisms welcome a child into the community of Christ while Christenings are formal naming ceremonies. Child Dedication are Unitarian Universalist alternatives to traditional baptisms and christenings. In this ceremony parents, Godparents, extended family, friends and congregants welcome the child into the world and dedicate themselves to the child’s well being in a safe, creative, learned, fun-filled growth towards adulthood.

Coming of Age is a Bridging Ceremony from youth to young adulthood. Our goals is to keep young adults connected with their spiritual home, supporting and ministering to them as they go off to college, travel in search of work or other fulfillment.