Simply Sitting Meditation


Have you missed attending “Simply Sitting”, our meditation group? Simply Sitting meditation practice has resumed virtually on Mondays at 7:30! To join us for our weekly Zoom sessions of Buddhist readings and silent sitting, contact

This group will gather in the UUFP Library, once we re-open, for Buddhist contemplation and sitting/walking meditation each Monday evening. 7:30-9:00pm in the library All are welcome. No registration necessary.

Meditation Moment

Spiritually speaking, everything that one wants, aspires to, and needs is ever present, accessible here and now — for those with eyes to see. It’s the old adage all over again; you don’t need to see different things. You need to see things differently. -Lama Surya Das

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation is offered on the first first Monday of each Month.

“Part of understanding the notion of Justice is to recognize the disproportions among which we live… it takes an awful lot of living with the powerless to really understand what it is like to be powerless, to have your voice, thoughts, ideas and concerns count for very little. We, who have been given much, whose voices can be heard, have a great duty and responsibility to make our voices heard with absolute integrity for those who are powerless.”
-“Anam Cara” John O’Donohue

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