Renting Our Facility

Please see the “How to contact us” section below to rent our facility. We are reopening our doors, and grounds, to rentals.

How to rent space at UUFP 


Features of our Fellowship

Do you have an event or group that needs a place to meet for a party, recital, business meeting or other event? Do you know anybody who does? Contact Linda Kozitzky about renting our beautiful facility!

How to contact us:

Please send an email using the link below, or call 610-327-2662 and leave a message detailing the nature of your event, estimated attendance and timing and we’ll get back to you in a timely fashion.

Rates vary based on the rooms chosen and the duration of the rental.

About Our Facility:

UUFP is located on 10 acres of land for our congregants and renters to enjoy our natural setting.  We offer the ability to rent space inside or outside or a combination of both. Our sanctuary has beautiful stained glass windows and accommodates 100 people comfortably. The Social Hall is for those wishing a less formal area and an area where renters can serve food or refreshments.  Our property offers a lovely lawn and playground for outside activities and a grove area where weddings can take place under a canopy of trees. The dining and kitchen facilities allow for a range of options from fine dining to casual buffets. The Social Hall or Sanctuary can be set up for live music, dancing and DJ’s.



Social Hall and Library

Kitchen and Classrooms



Room Rentals: Kitchen and classrooms: The kitchen has 1 refrigerator, 3 sinks, multiple outlets on separate amp breakers, an industrial size oven, storage areas and plenty of counter space for prepping food.


There are approximately 56 parking spaces on the grounds: 12 parking spaces in front of our building and 44 additional spaces behind the building.