Pottstown Area Cluster of Religious Communities

Announcement From the Membership Committee: For many years UUFP has supported the Pottstown Area Cluster of Religious Communities in their efforts to provide food security, housing stability, supportive services and education for the Pottstown area’s homeless and hungry. These efforts have been in the form of monetary collections, in-kind donations of household items, and, seasonally, fresh organic produce from our garden. However, during UUFP’s COVID closure the household item donations have flagged a bit since people have not been coming regularly with goods in hand to the Fellowship. Now that we’re returning to in-person Sunday Services, the Membership Committee is resuming regular collection of household goods to be delivered to the Cluster each month.

During March, UUFP Members and Friends donated the following items to the Pottstown Area Cluster of Religious Communities to support their efforts to provide basic needs assistance and improve peoples’ economic stability: Five bath towels, two queen-size sheet and pillow case sets, one twin sheet and pillowcase set, two hand towels, four face cloths. Thanks to all who donated! These items are dearly needed and greatly appreciated.

During May we’ll be collecting: Sponges and Paper Towels. If you would like to donate some of these items, you may leave them in the very large basket that sits in the Fellowship’s foyer just outside of the kitchen door. I will carry them to the Cluster on Tuesday, May 31st.

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