Garden Club News — March 2022

The garden club is trying a new method for getting ahead of spring planting. It is called “Winter Sowing”. So far we have planted parsley, romaine lettuce and arugula. The concept is to create a mini greenhouse out of a container such as a milk jug, or plastic bottle.

Here’s how it’s done: Poke holes in the bottom of a plastic container for drainage and holes in the top for air flow. Fill with potting soil, spread the seeds and cover them. Then tape the container closed and sit it outside in the weather. This method is most successful with seeds that require cold stratification–that is, seeds that need to be kept cold during the winter. For these hardy plants it eliminates the need for indoor grow lights and also there is no need to harden off plants when ready to plant in the ground. Wish us luck! Spring is on its way!

Children’s RE and the UUFP Garden Club are joining forces on Sunday, March 13

We are asking RE kids to bring 16-20 oz clear plastic bottles to use as mini greenhouses to start this year’s Marigold plants. Last year we had good success planting our marigold seeds in dixie cups and caring for them at home, then later planting the seedlings in the fellowship garden. This year the kids will take their mini greenhouses home and put them in the sun in their backyard. If the new plants thrive and grow, we will meet again in May to plant them in the ground. We are so thankful for the assistance of our junior gardeners. Planting Marigolds in our gardens helps to encourage beneficial insects and discourage insects that are harmful to our crops.

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