President’s Message, October 2020

“The fellowship is not just a set of doors open on Sunday morning, but the commitment day after day, and moment after moment, of our hearts creaking open the doors of welcome to the possibility of new experience and radical welcome.”
-Excerpt: Rev. Margaret Weis – The Church Has Left the Building

It’s hard to believe that it has been seven months since we, as a fellowship, have stepped inside our building. Yet, as Rev. Margaret Weis points out in her work, “The Church (or in our case, Fellowship) Has Left the Building”, our fellowship continues to exist outside of the walls of the building. This occurs through the commitment of the people that make up the fellowship. So, this month I would like to take the opportunity to thank some people who have demonstrated a very high level of commitment over the past
seven months to ensure that our fellowship continues to exist and run smoothly.
John Price: For keeping our building running and our grounds neat and tidy so it will be ready for us when we can return.
Erica Duske and Kay Price (our communications team): For continuing to work on and distribute the Sojourner as well as sending out reminder communications regarding upcoming events.
Linda Pallay, our treasurer: For providing continued oversight of our finances as well as enabling electronic payments for pledges and donations.
Miranda Van Horn: For continuing to look for creative ways to create connection within the fellowship (like her Friday Night Book Club).
Rick Duske: For his ongoing work in upgrading and managing our technology platform.
The Board of the UUFP: For their continued dedication (and
patience) in attending monthly board meetings as well as ad hoc
meetings via ZOOM to determine how we will move forward in
this brave new world.
Our Donors: For continuing to provide financial support that keeps our infrastructure sound and enables us to invest in the future.
The mission statement for the UUFP is “Nurturing Spiritual Journeys, Embracing Diversity, Celebrating Community, Turning Values into Action”. The good news is that demonstrating a commitment to our Mission, does not require meeting in-person. And while there will
be a time when we can meet together again in our building, my final thank you is to all of the people who continue to demonstrate commitment to the UUFP. You are what make this a fellowship. I am grateful for you all.

“For the church is us—each and every one of us—together,
a beacon of hope to this world that so sorely needs it .”
~ Excerpt: Rev. Margaret Weis – The Church Has Left the Building
Please come join us on-line for Sunday services (check our website for details). Linda K

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