Minister’s Column, October 2020

Ever since I read October Country, Ray Bradbury’s collection of SF stories in the 50’s I’ve had a special affinity for October. (Did you know Bradbury was a Unitarian?). I recall the spicy scent of burning leaves (though it’s a good thing we have given up that environmentally unsound practice). I think of apple cider and pumpkins and Halloween and at last wearing sweaters again. . . . The blaze of color as the chlorophyll drains from the leaves, revealing what was always there. And this year, Dave and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary!
This is a time to revel in the glories of the seasons, but this year is not a time to lose ourselves in that pleasure. The world – especially the US – is still facing at least four major crises: the climate catastrophe (so evident in the western US fires and a harsh hurricane season), the rise of
anti-democratic forces all over the world (including here at home and encompassing many of our friends and neighbors), the ongoing pandemic and its economic and social fallout (including hunger and domestic violence and so much more), and reality of a long history of racial injustice,
finally being recognized, here in the US as well as many parts of the world. These intertwined crises exacerbate each other and threaten the lives and well being of millions of human beings and the creatures with whom we share this planet.
So this October is a time to take strength and energy from the beauty we still enjoy, and use those resources to respond to these crises. First, make a VOTING PLAN – we need leaders who will acknowledge reality and address the crises in a scientific and morally sound way. Second, find a way to help others vote and to make sure their votes are counted. Fair Districts PA, UU
Justice PA, and UU the Vote are some organizations that can help. Third, find the ways in your life to address all these crises, from hand washing and mask making to marching for justice and contributing money, making your commitment to racial justice, ending hunger, living gently on the earth.

May we be a blessing to the world.

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