UUFP Quarterly Report: September 2020

We’re at the beginning of our fiscal year and predictably our expenses are down.  July itself was not really strong, due to the COVID-19 situation we are in the midst of, but we’re still doing OK.  Our pledge/Income is exceeding our expenses because our expenses are lower than usual due to not meeting in person and no in person events at UUFP are scheduled.

Our budget for this fiscal year came in ~$10,000 below our wish budget. Thank you to those who pledged and are paying monthly or plan to pay throughout the year. Some are using our online payment methods – see our website, others are paying with bill pay and others are using our mail service. Yes, it is still working well!!  We are still accepting pledges and donations!

We ended our last fiscal year doing OK too. See the bar charts is below. We ended the year $5000 under budget for pledges but due to:   1). decreased committee expenses from COVID-19 from March through June.   2). We have a volunteer RE teacher vs. paid professional teacher (thanks to our volunteer Ruby!)  and 3).  We received $10,250 in donations toward the repair of our sanctuary windows!  We ended up only $230 over budget for expenses for the fiscal year. So, our $5,000 deficit worked itself out.  It is unfortunate that our finances were affected due to no in person activities or in person services at UUFP for 3.5 months.

This year our expenses continue to be lower than usual. The technology team purchased an expanded Wi-Fi for us so our Wi-Fi can now reach the sanctuary for better in person videos or virtual presentations, and it also reaches into the RE wing. The possibility of live streaming is also being considered.

We’re on a different path now and we are hosting virtual events at UUFP: coffee hour every Sunday, activities like BYOB (Book), and Sunday services! Our Beloved Community is coming back!

Please continue to contribute to UUFP’s pledge and donation total for this fiscal year, as strange as it is right now, we do need to support each other so that our programming can build in a new way.

 Thank you, Linda P.

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