Sunday Service, September 13, 2020

A Virtual Gathering of the Waters. Rev Kerry Mueller, Emily Quarles-Mowrer, Mary Ryan. View via Zoom.

In these pandemic months we long to regather as a community of faith. For now, we do this virtually, adapting our traditional water service to the wonders of electronic communication. Please send photos of the waters in your life to worship, and think about how
you would like to tell us what it means to you.
This service will be presented by the Worship Committee, Rev. Kerry Mueller, and YOU.

Our Annual Ingathering Service, Gathering of the Waters, will not be the same this year, as we will not be gathering in person but “virtually”.
The water we collected (or forgot about collecting) during the past year will be represented by photos sent in to our Worship Committee. Help to make this year special by sending in photos of water that have a special meaning for you.

On Ingathering Sunday, you will be able to relate where the water is
from and what it means to you.
Please send your water pics to

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