President’s Message – March 2020

“Don’t miss all the beautiful colors of the rainbow looking for the pot of gold.” ~ Anon

So, is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? This legend dates back to rope, where it was believed that fairies were real. Fairies were said to have great wealth and would often bury their treasures, or “pots of gold,” at the end of the rainbow. While rainbows are real, and we have all seen them, how many of us have seen the pot of gold? Now, I am not saying that they don’t exist, it’s just that I have never seen anyone’s financial situation improved by finding that pot of gold. And that also includes our fellowship. Our pot of gold is not filled by the wealth of fairies but rather the generosity of our members and friends. March is the month that we are going to kick off our pledge drive for the upcoming fiscal year of 2020-2021. Remember that the UUFP is self-funded by our members and friends. We receive no funding from a regional or national entity. We count on financial pledges to fund our day to day operations. So, I ask everyone to reflect on what the UUFP means to you and how you can support it financially. While I realize that finances might be tight for some, don’t let money troubles keep you from pledging – you can pledge your time and talents. In advance, I thank you for whatever you can pledge.

And speaking of thanking people, there are some shout-outs that I would like to give. The first goes to Miranda Van Horn who has taken on the position of Chair of the Membership Committee. If anyone would like to participate in this important committee, please reach out to her.

The second person I would like to thank is Trish Rooney for coordinating a very successful meeting of Fair Districts PA at our fellowship. It was a highly informative meeting and was well attended by not only friends and members of the fellowship but also residents of the greater Pottstown area. Tim Hennessey, the local PA House Representative also attended. He provided his point of view on various issues and answered questions from the audience. Trish, thank you for coordinating a very informative session.

Finally, I would like to thank all who participated in the Town Hall Meeting that was held in February to discuss the safety and security of our fellowship. It was a robust discussion with many, varied points of view presented. It was clear that meeting participants agreed with the board’s previous decision to not have an armed security guard. The question that surfaced during the meeting was whether or not to make the buildings and ground a “No Gun Zone.” This decision will be made by vote at a congregational meeting. The board is currently researching both sides of this issue to ensure that members can make an informed decision. Stay tuned for further updates.

With gratitude, Linda

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