President’s Message — April 2020

“Sometimes you face difficulties not because you are doing something wrong but because you are doing something right.” ~ Anonymous

We are all trying to do the right thing – we are all in our own way trying to “flatten the curve” of the number of cases of Covid 19. However, as many of us have experienced, this is not an easy thing to do. We all ran our respec- tive lives in a sort of “business as usual” mode. The current situation has forced us to redefine the mode of running our own lives. We find ourselves identifying what is truly a priority in our lives and focusing on that. There are other things that we have placed on the back burner, knowing we will get back to them when we can.

The Board of Directors of the UUFP has done the same thing. We have identified two key priorities that we are focusing our efforts on. Our other plans and initiatives will wait until the immediate crisis has passed.

Our first priority is to protect the community  bonds that define us as a fellowship. We are a close-knit community who enjoy being with and supporting each other through the good times and bad. Not being able to meet together in person on Sunday mornings for an extended period of time, can potentially weaken the bonds of our community. To that end, the board has discussed and put in place many different ways for us to connect with each other and stay informed about the UUFP. In addition to reaching out by email, some of the other things we have instituted are the following:

Our website will be continuously updated with any new information, so check it often.

  • In addition to our public Facebook page (which anyone can follow), we have created a new Facebook group where only friends and members of the UUFP can join by contacting Erica Duske. Updates will also be posted on both pages, so if you are on Facebook, consider joining the group.
  • Miss the companionship  of our Sunday morning coffee hour? We will be offering a virtual coffee hour via ZOOM so we can catch up and chat. Information has been sent out regarding this, but if you need more information, feel free to reach out to any board member.

The second priority we defined is to ensure that our financial situation remains positive. The good news is that we do have money in our savings account to help us weather this unexpected storm. While our treasurer, Linda Pallay, will share more information regarding how we will be managing our finances, I want to put out a BIG request. I know that the financial situation of many of our members and friends has been turned upside down and is quite uncertain. To those individuals, please do not feel obligated to fulfill your pledge. However, to those whose financial situation is relatively stable and are able to continue to support the UUFP, please do so. Every little bit helps. In advance, thank you.

I will close with words that I heard throughout my life: “This too shall pass; it’s just the interim that stinks.” ~ Betty Kozitzky (AKA Mom)

Be well, Linda

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