President’s Message May 2018

President’s Message

At this time of the year Committee Chairs are putting together their budgets for the upcoming church fiscal year. Thought is being given to what each committee would like to accomplish in 2018-19 and what that might cost. All will be submitted to the Board for review via our Treasurer, Linda K. Highlights of those plans would be to continue our Sunday Morning RE classes taught by Ethan Turner, installation of a new floor in the RE wing, and reviewed and revised plans for adult programming/ministry based on a survey of fellowship members.

Join us as the Social Action Committee and the Board welcome the Faith Alliance for Pipeline Safety who will present an evening program on Friday the 11th at the Fellowship. As well, our Social Action committee will prepare during the latter part of the month for UUFP’s participation in the Pride Fest to be held on Saturday June 2nd in Phoenixville. The Board voted to support the celebration financially by sponsoring a table at the Fest. Contact Desiree if you’d like to participate.

In keeping with an old Zen saying:

Chop wood.    Carry water.


Attain enlightenment.

Chop wood.

Carry water.

                     Building and Grounds Committee members are asking you to pitch in on Saturday, May 19th for our annual Spring Clean Up Day!

Our Begin Again programming task force will gear up during May and, even though we haven’t had our first meeting, there are plans afoot for a weekend evening program this month. There is no date set for that event; watch for info on the website and in your Order of Service and listen for announcements at Sunday Service. As well members can expect to share their opinions in a survey about programming and ministry during May.

Finally, the Board is putting together a slate of Board officers and Committee Chairs for the new Fellowship year. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve the Fellowship in a significant way, please contact me. We have a few important positions to fill. And we continue to look for someone to pick up mail and office email on a regular basis. If you have a little free time and are looking for a small but vital way to help this spiritual community, this is the job for you!

Enjoy this busy time of year!

In faith and love, Miranda

Note: Begin Again group will meet on Saturday, May 5th at 3 pm. There will be goodies. All Members and Friends are welcome.

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