President’s Message — July 2024

As was discussed at this month’s Annual Congregational Meeting, it seems safe to say that not only has the UUFP survived the havoc that was caused by COVID, but it seems that we are starting to thrive in the aftermath.

Membership is up, Sunday Service attendance is up, and we finished last year with some financial growth. We are moving forward, and we need to keep that momentum up. But, the Board of Directors cannot do it alone. We need your help. Many of you know that I spent my career in sales and sales-related fields, so I am not shy about asking for things. So here is my ask for you:

  • Do your part to spread the word about UUFP. When asked “How was your weekend?”, if appropriate, share about the interesting service you heard on Sunday. You never know who might also find this interesting.
  • Spread the word about renting our facility. If anyone you know is looking to hold a party, wedding, celebration, or even a book club, let them know about our facilities. A quick update on one of our current renters, New Earth Traditions. They will be increasing the number of days that they are renting from two to three days per week. In addition, they will be starting an early childhood program and will now be utilizing our nursery. They will be donating their time and materials to redecorate that room. They will be working closely with Valery Murdock, chair of the CYRE committee, and RE teacher Meghan Mickle.
  • Think of creative ideas for fundraising. Part of our financial growth this year was income generated by programs created by our members. Thanks go out to Clifford Schulman for holding three cooking sessions that were very successful, and very tasty. Thanks also go out to Monica Buckley for holding creative craft sessions and donating a portion of the proceeds to UUFP.
  • If you shop at Giant, please purchase a Giant card through us. We raised over $1,000 just by having people purchase a Giant card and do their routine shopping at a Giant store they are already patronizing. This is easy money for us.
  • Commit to interacting with each other in alignment with the UUFP Covenant. While growth and change are exciting, they can also produce stressful situations. We can minimize that stress and reduce the chance of having misunderstandings between people if we adhere to our Covenant.

WithGratitude, Linda

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