A Message from the Committee Council

No one person or committee here at UUFP is responsible for the activities that go on here. What we mean by this is that ANYONE who has an idea for a fun Fellowship activity, whether it be a book club, a game night, a movie night, a support group, a fundraiser, a pancake breakfast, or anything else that interests you, that can make use of the UUFP facilities, you can plan it!

The event can be a one-time thing, or a regularly scheduled event. The only rule is that you should take your plan to the Committee Council for support from other Committees and also Board approval, if necessary. If you need help with the event, ask for help during Sunday morning announcements, and people will step in to help.

Committee Council needs to know so it can be put on the calendar, and so we don’t have two events at the same time that need to use the same UUFP resource, for instance the kitchen or the social hall.

In short, you can enrich the lives of people at UUFP by bringing us together with activities we like to do together! Thank you!

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