Social Justice

Join UUs for Just Economic Community, UUs for Social Justice, Side with Love, and UU Ministry for Earth in Washington D.C. September 26–28 to learn about our food and farming system and advocate with our Senators for an equitable and climate-smart 2023 Farm Bill.

Every five years, Congress proposes a multiyear farm bill legislative package. We need your voice to join a growing coalition to support sustainable, regenerative, and equitable farm policies. We can not concede to the normal corporate agri-businesses to dominate the conversation. Farm bills address many issues UUs care about including food quality and food chain security, soil and water contamination, food deserts, equity for small-scale producers, conservation, research, crop insurance, and nutrition programs. The Farm Bill presents an important opportunity to create an agricultural sector that serves the needs of consumers and farmers in a way that is fair to all, protects the environment, and helps avoid a climate crisis. For more information, go to

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