President’s Message — September 2023

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever. ~ Anonymous

While summer doesn’t technically end until the autumnal equinox in late September, Labor Day has always been the symbolic end to the summer. And what a summer we have had at the UUFP. The Worship Committee needs to be congratulated for scheduling some very dynamic speakers during what is usually a very slow time. In addition to some fantastic services led by our own members, we had some very provocative presentations by guest speakers. People are still talking about J.D Stillwater’s presentation on “Defiant Love: Interrogating our Inheritance” and Diane Trieb’s service entitled “The Stray Cat. To Feed or Not to Feed – That Is the Question.” If you missed these services (or any other), remember that we record each service and post it on to our YouTube channel. While it’s not the same as being there in person, it is a great option for viewing (or watching again) our services because you can do it at your leisure. Thanks also go out to the Sunday Technology crew who make this happen. One additional note regarding Sunday Services is that Rev. Kim Wilson will be returning this month as the “First Sunday of the Month” presenter.

Our garden was very bountiful this summer hence a lot of produce was donated to the Pottstown Cluster. Unfortunately, word got out about how delicious our crops were, and a groundhog decided that our vegetable plot was his personal Farmer’s Market. The Garden Committee declared war (humanely) and the battle went on all summer. Not sure who’s winning; however, I feel our Garden Committee is far more frustrated with trying to keep the groundhog out than the groundhog is feeling about getting back in. The joys of nature.

One additional item is that our long-term rental, New Earth Traditions, will start up with classes again this month. They utilize our space on Wednesdays, so please keep that in mind if you need to be at the fellowship on a Wednesday.

Lastly, putting together and distributing the Sojourner to members and friends takes a lot of time and effort. For years, the women behind the scenes doing all this work were Erica Duske and Kay Price. This month marks a change in that line-up. While Erica will continue in this role, Kay Price will be stepping down. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kay for all her work in this capacity. It is greatly appreciated. Taking her place will be Kim Kulp. Welcome Kim!

With Gratitude, Linda K.

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