Sunday Service, March 12, 2023

Music: A Bridge to Hear Spirit. Speaker: Anna Swansun. Lay Leader: Brandon Swanson.

Want to develop your intuition? Connect with your higher self? Hear your loved ones on the other side? Listen to your spirit guides? Learn how using music and sound can open you up to these mystical experiences! The service will include strings, drum, piano, chimes, singing bowl, performances by the choir, a marching band, and a sound meditation. Don’t miss this one ’cause it’ll be more impactful in-person! Anna Swansun helps wisdom-seekers feel their connection to the All by understanding their unique role within it and assists them in creating a life of hope, balance & fulfillment through her books, blog & YouTube channel. As an intuitive creative, astrologer & mystic, she helps people connect & communicate with spirit.

Please join us for coffee hour after service in the Social Hall.

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