Sunday Service, December 11, 2022

Revisiting the Grinch –
What Does He Have to Teach Us… This Year?
Guest Speaker: Diane Trieb.
Lay Leader: Jon Dreazen.

We all remember The Grinch – thegrouchy curmudgeon – who tries to cancel Christmas by stealing the Christmas gifts and decorations from the homes down the mountain… In the tiny town Whoville… on Christmas Eve. Why would he do this? Dr. Seuss’s assessment is that the Grinch’s heart may have been two sizes too small. Lets explore the condition of our Hearts – from a Grinch perspective – as we enter this Winter Season of Darkness and Light.

Diane Trieb is a writer, teacher, counselor, group facilitator and minister of Practical Spirituality. She has been mentored by countless teachers of wisdom, spirituality, psychology, mysticism, religion and kindness. She is on a continual personal journey… of seeking spiritual and practical ways of integrating suffering and joy… as both a Human and Divine Being. If you would like to learn more about her… go to her website –

Coffee Hour follows the Service

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