President’s Message: November 2022

Over the past month, the UUFP community was certainly busy coming together in various ways to make a positive impact on our community.

First, the Aesthetics Committee, led by Sue Merkel, was very busy in their continued effort to beautify the inside of our building. If you haven’t seen the Social Hall lately, you need to stop by and see what can be done with a few coats of paint and some creativity. What was previously a room that had a cold, sterile feel, is now a warm and welcoming place. In addition, we now have a sitting area to relax. A big thank you to all who volunteered to paint. Special thanks to Sue and Kim Kulp who used their creative minds to paint the mural at the far end.

Second, more volunteers gave their time on a beautiful Saturday to help with the “Labors of Love” (aka doing fall clean-up both inside and outside of the fellowship). We are starting to get more people interested in renting our space and everyone who has come to check out our space has been impressed with our building and grounds. Again, this could not happen without those in our community who helped with this. Special thanks to Jon and Kay Price for organizing this.

Third, almost everyone within our community chipped in to help make our 55th Birthday Party a success. Thanks go out to many people:
• Miranda Van Horn and the other members of the Membership Committee for
organizing the event
• Kay Price, the Kitchen Committee, and lots of volunteers who brought delicious food
• Mary Ryan for baking a beautiful (and quite tasty) cake
• Our choir, with Laurie Young as soloist, delivered a moving musical performance
• Erica Duske who put together the entertaining slide show

Lastly, we found time to celebrate the life of one of the original members of our community, Peggy Jones. Lisa Jokiel, Linda Pallay and others offered very poignant memories which made us laugh, and made us cry, sometimes at the same time. While UUFP might have been the dream of her husband, Peggy was the quiet, yet mighty force behind the dream that enabled UUFP to flourish. She was a special lady, and her presence is missed. This past month has proven that when our UUFP community comes together, we create beauty

Beauty in our building, beauty outside our building, and beauty that comes from a beloved
community that comes together to support one another.

And isn’t that a wonderful thing.
In gratitude,

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