Photos for the UUFP Archive

For our 55th Anniversary Party, I asked folks for any photos that they had of past years activities at UUFP. We had many donations of photos, for which I am thankful. But for those of you that missed the deadline or thought, “I know I have that box to go through in the attic…” this message is for you, it is not too late! Any photos that I gather will be organized in some fashion and put on the UUFP Cloud, to be utilized and enjoyed by UUFP folks, as well as backed up and kept for future generations. If you have slides or “that old fashioned thang”, printed photos… I can scan them, add them to the archive, and return the original photos to you. If you have photos for us to add to the archive, information about who is in the photos and what approximate dates the photos are from is helpful. And this goes for the future also… if you are a person who likes to snap photos at UUFP functions, please snap away and give us the photos! Remember that texting cell phone photos will lower the quality of the photo, which reduces their usefulness, so transferring them directly from the phone to one of UUFP’s laptops will result in higher quality photos. This invitation to donate photos does not have an end date, please keep this in mind; I will be happy to add to the UUFP visual archive at any time.
Thank you, -Erica D.

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