Monarch Butterfly Garden

After much determination and effort, the Monarch Butterly Garden is now planted and thriving. It may not look very exciting as the plants are still small, but if all goes well we will have Monarchs (and other pollinators) flying and buzzing around the peace pole by late summer. Featured are swamp milkweed, butterfly milkweed, bee balm, aromatic asters, purple coneflower, swamp sunflower and zinnias. The milkweed is crucial for Monarch survival as it serves as the only food source for the Monarch caterpillar. The flowers are needed for their nectar and pollination. All are native plants.

What a job it was to prepare the soil for this project! Thank you so much to Matt K for operating his rototiller to till up the wet clay soil, often getting bogged down with clogged tines. Kim dug in to peel away the weed fabric that surrounded the peace pole, finding old, decayed bricks, which are now at the North, South, West and East points of the Peace Pole. Several days later the second crew came in to hoe the soil and amend it with sand and compost. Thank you to Jon, Mary and Judy for working through the rain, heat and humidity to make it happen!
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