Social Justice News — March 2022

Redistricting will likely be close to finishing when you read this in early March. The Supreme Court of PA will have made some decisions about the maps, despite ongoing challenges from partisan actors. The petitioning process for candidates may be foreshortened, but it is unlikely the primary now scheduled for May 17th will be moved.

In conversation with team leaders at UUFP, we coalesced around a serious interest in pursuing environmental justice issues in 2022. On Twitter I discovered Senator Katie Muth, representing Senate District 44 (including Pottstown and North Coventry), who is a prime sponsor in the Senate of a bill that aims to make Pennsylvania 100% renewable by 2050.

Senator Muth together with Senator Amanda Cappelletti (D-17) are prime sponsors of Go 100% Pennsylvania, Senate Bill 872, which is moving PA towards a renewable future. Representative Chris Rabb (D) is a prime sponsor of the same bill, House Bill 100.

 Here is their announcement on Senator Muth’s webpage:

The concept of going 100% renewable in 30 years is energizing and exciting and gives us something positive to aim for. Pennsylvania is one of only two states in the nation with an article in their Constitution stating public natural resources are the common property of the people. We all know there are enormous difficulties with the political process in PA, but Mother Nature doesn’t play by legislators’ rules. We need to work towards change with total engagement and optimism, knowing we have a right to “clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment.”

We won’t be working alone. PennEnvironment is firmly behind the renewable initiative, and we have allies in Environmental Justice arm of UU Justice PA. Those members of UUFP who have not yet become members of UU Justice PA must recall that social, environmental and racial justice are principles UUs live by. The very small membership fee of $40/per annum gives us access to the teams and allies working on these important issues. Be a part of the change we seek.

Go to the website, listen to the video clips, get enthused about this new direction. Chester County is a hotbed of action on environmental issues. There is much we can do as families, as UU congregants, as neighbors to make the world just a little bit better.

Thank you! ~ Trish R, UUFP Social Justice Chair

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