President’s Message — February 2022

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” ~ Vivian Greene

It seems that the storm named “COVID-19” is not going to pass anytime soon. While the storm has abated at times, it just restrengthens and continues to stay around. The good news is that the UUFP has learned and is already demonstrating one of the “key dance steps” to surviving this storm: adaptability. We have learned how to adapt our Services to meet the storm where it is without sacrificing what the UUFP stands for: Continuing to support our fellowship as well as the surrounding community. During our in-person Christmas Eve service, we raised approximately $150 to donate to the Pottstown Cluster. We also were able to donate bags full of hats and mittens that were placed around our mitten tree. Special thanks to Judy McDonald who has spent her time during this “storm” knitting hats and donating them through the UUFP.

Our adaptability skill will continue to be tested as we look at a future without Reverends Kerry and Dave. By now, everyone should have received the communication from both announcing their retirement at the end of June. Their service to us over the past three years has been invaluable and their impact goes far beyond that of delivering compelling Sunday Services. They have offered insightful council to the Board of Directors as we navigated various challenges over the past three years and helped us to think differently as we managed all the issues brought about by the pandemic. Their willingness to try new thing, like offering Evening Vespers has been greatly appreciated. From a personally selfish perspective, I will miss their calm voice of reason when I would call them, frustrated and discouraged by various things. I always felt re-centered after speaking with them. They will be greatly missed. The board is working with the UUA in trying to find a new minister. We are exploring different options that might fit our needs as well as our budget. Stay tuned for further information.

Many of you might be wondering when we are going to resume in-person services. My prediction of when that might occur will be just as effective as the TV weather people are at predicting snow fall amounts from any given storm. The reality is that we just need to watch the storm, stick our head outside a few times and make the best educated guess that we can. As soon as the COVID storm abates some, and the board feels that it is safe to gather people together, we will resume in-person services. The good news is that it is not “if,” but “when.” Stay safe.

With gratitude, Linda K.

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