Garden Corner — July 2021

Our Gardens

Our fellowship garden is thriving and already yielding a substantial amount of produce for the Pottstown Cluster. There was over 3 pounds of sugar snap peas harvested and donated on Wednesday, June 23rd and there are still many coming on! Cucumbers, peppers, squash and tomatoes are on their way and the garlic will be harvested soon and set out to dry. Our herb crop is also proliferating, providing fresh parsley, dried oregano and thyme to the Cluster on a regular basis.

We are currently in a battle with poison ivy growing along the East side of the area near the garden and within the fencing. So, until we get a handle on it please steer clear of this area.

I want to thank everyone for their help with the watering, weeding and harvesting. Our group has grown a bit so I want to thank Bev, Erica, Allan, Kim and Mary for all of their efforts!

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