Social Justice News — May 2021

Will you be prepared to make informed choices when voting in the May 18th primary election? The League of Women Voters has provided helpful information on this election, particularly an explanation regarding the 3 proposed amendments to the PA Constitution.

Aside from the ballot questions, there will be some judges elected this cycle, for each of the appellate divisions. Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court. We must evaluate judges in the way we evaluate politicians. That is, we must decide if we like their judicial philosophy.

The best place to hear the candidates for office that will be on the ballot is to go to Pennsyl- vania for Modern Courts (, and click on 2021 Judicial Elections. The infor- mation given at this location will give you the background you need to make an informed decision on the candidates, who are also showcased in candidate forums, links to which are posted as well. Additional resources can be found at the PA Bar Association website (, the Allegheny Bar Association ( and the Philadelphia Bar Association (

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