President’s Message — July 2020

“It’s not easy being green.” ~ Kermit the Frog

The above quote strikes me as quite apropos and a sign of the times for two reasons. The first reason is that the song is about being undervalued and overlooked because one is a certain color. Its relevance for some of the issues facing the world today is pretty self-explanatory.

The second reason this quote resonates is due to the fact that Chester and Montgomery Counties have entered the Green Phase of Reopening. As we all know, Green does not mean go back to how things were done before. There are still actions that we are being asked to commit to in order to minimize the spread of the virus. Even in the green phase, we are still being asked to wear masks, keep physically distant when we socialize, and continue to work from home if we can. And while businesses and restaurants are now open, they are being asked to follow additional guidelines to help to minimize the spread of the virus. This is what I mean when I say that “It’s not easy being green.”

The big question on everyone’s mind is “When will we start to have in-person services?” The Worship Committee is working on a plan for reopening. Mary Ryan, head of Worship, will communicate their strategy to members and friends. I will however let you know that, moving forward, all of our Sunday services will be available through Zoom. This is to ensure that we can include those friends and members who, for whatever reason, cannot or choose not to attend in person. In addition, when people are at the fellowship either for services or a committee meeting, we will be re- questing that they wear a mask and practice physical distancing. Stay tuned for further updates.

Now, all “Green” does not have to be difficult. In fact, our Treasurer, Linda Pallay, has enabled a way for friends and members to share their “green money” by donating and pledging on-line. If you already pay some of your bills on-line (or want to start), this is a great way to financially support the UUFP. My personal testimonial, as a new user, is that this is a great way to fulfill my financial commitments. I have paid for Giant cards on the website and I have also set up my pledge to be a recurring payment. I no longer have to remember if I paid this month or remember to bring a check to the fellowship. I am a self-proclaimed techno-peasant, yet I found this very easy to use. If this is of interest to you, please check it out on our website or contact Linda P. for further information.

Lastly, I’d like to recognize and thank two people. First, Frances Provost has decided to step down from her position as Member at Large on the Board of Directors. Her insights and opinions were truly valued by the team. Please join me in thanking Frances for her many years of service. Also, please join me in welcoming Kris Barnthouse to the Board of Directors. I want to thank him for being willing to serve and we look forward to the new perspectives that he will bring to the board.

In closing I want to let you know that I miss you all and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Stay safe!


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