The Minister’s Column, January 2020

We’re now one fifth of the way through the 21st century – hard to believe! And an eventful year awaits us. The impeachment process in Washington should be concluded in the weeks ahead, one way or another. The Iowa caucuses mark the beginning of a new stage of the presidential campaign (which seems to begin the day after the last election – why can’t we compress the process to just a few months, like other nations?). The climate is unlikely to get friendlier without a lot of help from us humans, and do we have enough fingers (and toes) to count all the troubles and conflicts around the world?

Which is why we need religious communities, in particular, why we need our Unitarian Universalist congregation in Pottstown.  We need a safe place where we will be – if only for a short time – at a distance from the troubles of the world and the nation (and from our own personal troubles). We need a safe place where we can take a break from our involvement in confronting these troubles, a safe place where we might hear new ideas, receive new insights; a safe place where a prophetic voice might renew our courage; a safe place where we can be reminded that, despite everything, we have much to be thankful for, and to express our thanks; a safe place where music can restore our souls.

And others, too, need religious communities.  Some may not have recognized this need; some may have not found a religious community consistent with their view of their ethical and theological world or may not realize that such a religious community exists.  We need to let our friends and neighbors, our coworkers and relatives, know that our UU fellowship is here, and that we would welcome their visit.  Maybe we are what they have been looking for, whether they know it or not.

But let’s look beyond our own congregation.  Now that your 2020 calendar is ready. Add Love Resists kickoff, January 12. Consider these two opportunities: UUA General Assembly, June 24-28, Providence RI. It’s a UU experience unlike any other; it’s important, it’s fun (mostly). And Providence is a lot closer than Spokane WA (2019 site).  UUMAC – UU Mid-Atlantic Community, July 12-18, DeSales University, near Allentown. A UU family camp for all ages. Take a look at their website.

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