The Minister’s Column, February 2020

January started out fairly grim, with Australia literally. We’re now one fifth of the way through the 21st century – hard to believe! And an eventful year awaits us. The impeachment process in Washington should be concluded in the weeks ahead, one way or another. The Iowa caucuses mark the beginning of a new stage of the presidential campaign (which seems to begin the day after the last election – why can’t we compress the process to just a few months, like other nations?). The climate is unlikely to get friendlier without a lot of help from us humans, and do we have enough fingers (and toes) to count all the troubles and conflicts around the world?

I look for tiny signs of beauty, hope, compassion. White Horse Village has been designated a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. A young man saw me looking stymied and helped me up the curb in front of the Indian grocery store. (I am especially grateful for these micro-kindnesses across lines of gender, generation and race). Dave’s fall on black ice did not result in any real injury, though they weren’t sure about his elbow at first. The January full moon was spectacular, and the paperwhites I had given up on are now growing. About 98% of the young people I ask say, yes, they are registered to vote.

And, eighteen of us showed up at UUFP on a Sunday afternoon to learn about UU the Vote! This values-based multi-faceted program from the Unitarian Universalist Association is intended to encourage, inspire, support and celebrate UU efforts across the country to increase voter turn-out, combat voter suppression, promote the values embedded in our principles and improve the workings of democracy. There is a role and an opportunity for everyone. Locally, our own Trish Rooney has been deeply involved in Fair Districts PA, an effort to end gerrymandering.

February is looking up! Happy Ground Hog Day, St. Bridget’s Day, Candlemas, and Imbolc to you all! May the weather goddess decide she doesn’t need a lot more firewood for the season and so send a gray day for Punxatawny Phil. And may we all do our part to support democracy and bless the world.

Blessings, Kerry

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