The President’s Message, December 2019

The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.” -Terri Marshall”

Last month I participated in a webinar sponsored by the UUA that focused on small congregations and the big impact that they can have. After hearing the various stories from 4 small congregations, I realized that the common thread that led to success was that all had identified and focused on the “Spark” that gives life and meaning to that respective congregation. At the last board meeting, we discussed what was the UUFP’s “Spark”. While we are a fellowship of unique individuals, each of whom has a passion for different causes, the question was is there a passion (or Spark) that links us together as a group? The discussion by the board members led us to the determination that the UUFP “Spark” is caring for our local community. While our actions might not seem big to an outsider, the fellowship has and continues to do great things for the local community.
One example would be the result of a bunch of people getting together on Wednesday nights to knit and create. After only a little over 2 months of being in existence, the Knitting Knights were able to donate 4 large trash bags filled with blankets, scarves, and hats to the Pottstown Cluster, Art Infusion and Pottstown Hospital. The impact is that premature babies will have little hats to keep their heads warm, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy will have hats and blankets to keep warm during treatments and homeless individuals will be just a bit warmer thanks to our Knitting Knights. A special shout out does need to go to Judy McDonald, who likes to knit while watching TV and also donated her creations to the cause.
Other examples include our support of local businesses (the contractor to replace the sanctuary windows is locally owned), feeding the homeless through our Garden Group, and our monthly donations of needed products to the Cluster. A special thank you to Cyndi Hall for coordinating our efforts with the cluster. And in keeping in the spirit of the holidays, we will be having a “Mitten Tree” where we can decorate the Christmas tree with the items that we will donate to the Pottstown Cluster. Stay tuned for what specific items are being asked for.
I would be remiss if I did not mention the spark that drives us to take care of our own UU community. A big Thank You to the army of UU elves that have been painting the back hallway. Also, Giant Gift Cards are back just in time for the holidays. If you shop at a Giant food store, using a gift card purchased through the fellowship helps us financially. We earn 5% of the purchase price of the card you buy. For example, if you buy a $100 gift card from the Fellowship, the Fellowship earns $5. Cards are available in $25, $50 and $100 denominations. Please see me if you would like to purchase them. Every little bit helps to keep the “Spark” alive so we can better take care of ourselves and the greater community.

I hope that your “Spark” provides you and your family with peace and happiness this holiday season. Linda

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