Mitten Tree, December 1-24, 2019

During the month of December a Mitten Tree was in the sanctuary, to gather gifts of care for people served by the Cluster. There was a special opportunity to add items during the Christmas Eve service. Suggestions included hats, scarves, mittens etc. Since the Cluster sets people up with housing, small household items would also be appreciated – things like paper towels, dishtowels, hot pads, salt and pepper, wooden spoons, tissues, hand sanitizers: all those little “daily blessings” that seem inexpensive until you need them all at once. Also, non-perishable holiday foods in cans or packages. Items that can’t be easily nestled in the branches can be placed in colorful bags or bins at the foot of the tree. The items can be new, gently used, or hand made. You did such a great job with the much-appreciated knitted items, that there are unlikely to be any left – but if you have extras, they would be welcome!
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