President’s Message, November 2019

November is the month to remind us to be thankful for the many positive things happening in our life. 

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The above sentiment struck me as quite appropriate for this month’s message since so many positive things have been happening in our fellowship. The first of which, is the result of the “Labor of Love” day that took place in October. So many people chipped in to help clean up and clean out the buildings and grounds and the results were amazing. The results are also a testament to what people can accomplish when working towards a common goal. Thank you to all who participated. 

Secondly, we are making progress with ensuring the safety of the members and friends of our fellowship. We have created a “Security Committee” that will be co-chaired by Judy McDonald and Frances Provost. A big thank you to both of them for volunteering for this important initiative. One change that has already occurred is that locks have been added to the office and conference rooms. Another change is that a new multi-handset phone system has been purchased. The system also has intercom capability. This new system now enables us to have phone access in the RE room, Nurse-ry, kitchen and other locations so that in the case of an emergency, alerts can be sent throughout the building. In addition, calls to emergency personnel can now be made from multiple sites within the building. Lastly, first aid kits are now available in the nursery and RE room and a tourniquet has been added to the first aid kit in the kitchen. While these may seem like small changes, you can see the large impact that these changes have. 

The new RE Committee has met and it is heartening to see how many people are willing to help out with either serving as a substitute teacher or just filling in to teach arts and crafts. This enables our teacher, Ruby Barnthouse to take a break when needed. Thank you to all who participated. 

The final update is with regards to the sanctuary window project. Bids are now coming in from var-ious contractors so a path forward for the project should be clear within a few weeks. Stay tuned. 

I will leave you with this quote by William Arthur Ward: 

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. 

Thank you to ALL for the big and little things that you do to support our fellowship. 

With gratitude,  Linda

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