President’s Message, October 2019

“October is about trees revealing colors they’ve hidden all year. People have an October as well.”
JM Storm

To me, October is a month filled with the beauty of nature. So, this month I’d like to celebrate the beauty we find within our fellowship.

First, let’s talk about some people who do some beautiful things for us. We all know that Ruby Barndthouse was generous enough to volunteer to conduct RE classes over the summer and she did an outstanding job. For that she deserves a big shout-out. I’m happy to report that Ruby has agreed to serve as our RE teacher on a more permanent basis. Ruby has been a member of the UU faith for her entire life, so she has a great understanding as to how to ground the children of the fellowship in the UU Principles while still having some fun. Ruby will need some help though. Miranda Van Horn has volunteered to assist in putting together a RE Committee. She is looking for some volunteers to be part of the committee. If anyone is interested, please contact Miranda.

Now let’s talk about the ongoing beautification of our building and grounds. We have the final drawings for the sanctuary windows from the architect and are currently requesting bids for the work. Another project that is being addressed is the leak in the hall closet by the back entrance. A roofing consultant came out to inspect the roof and the good news is that the roof is still in good shape and, barring any unforeseen circumstances that directly impact the roof, it should last us for another 5-10 years (our bank account is very grateful!). All we need to focus on is repairing the closet. If there are any frustrated “Handypersons” out there who are looking for a project and want to take it on or help out, please contact Jon Price. Lastly, come one, come all to participate in our Fall Clean-up, which is scheduled for Saturday, October 12 from 10AM to 1PM. Any help is appreciated as we continue to keep our little part of the world beautiful.

I’ll close with a friendly reminder about “closing.” We recently had a situation where the fellowship was left unlocked and doors were left open. This was probably due to a simple mistake of the last handful of people in the building who each assumed that another person would lock up. So please remember that if you are one of the last people in the building, please check with the others to confirm who will lock up. Also remember that the “Last to Leave Checklist” is by each exit. Thank you for your attention to this which will help to keep out beautiful building safe and sound.

In Gratitude,

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