Sunday, March 3, 2019 

 Lay Speaker: Jon Dreazen 

Lay Leader: Linda Kozitsky 

Last month I spoke about our Universalist heritage, half of our legacy as Unitarian Universalists. Today I will address the other larger half which is the Unitarian side. The idea of a Unitarian God goes back to the early days of the Catholic Church only to be crushed at the Council of Nicea. It resurfaced in Transylvania in the 1500’s when a king declared Unitarianism the official religion of his country. By the next century, the concept of a nontrinitarian God began to take hold and migrated from England to the colonies where it took root in New England. We UUs continue the proud legacy of this faith and I will continue my efforts to educate us about our religious history. This is just a taste of what I will discuss so come one and all for the expanded version!! 

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