Presidents Message, March 2019

March, “thou … wear’st the gentle name of Spring.” (Bryant) 

In March we’ll go from cold and snowy days, which threatened our Sunday Services and kept us preferring indoor activities, to days for finding catkins and the first slight changes of color in the male goldfinch from brown — to what will later be a brilliant summer yellow. Though March can proceed haltingly with days both wintry and spring-like, we — even the heartiest lovers of winter — welcome changes in the natural world in anticipation of Spring. 

Our resident “botanist”, Allan P. says we can look for the following early spring wild flowers in March at UUFP. See if you can find them somewhere on UUFP’s campus! 

Rue-anemone: (Thalictrum thalictroides), Round lobed hepatica: (Hepatica americana), Trout lily: (Erythronium americanum), Spring beauty: (Claytonia virginica). See the Sojourner for pictures of of variety. 

Thanks go to Linda P., who is our Treasurer for the really fun Pledge Drive Kick-off event on February 17. The chili and dessert contests were lots of fun and delicious. Thanks, also to participants and all who attended. 

This month our gardeners will hold a first planting on March 13th. Please join them if you’d like; there’s lots to learn about organic gardening!. Lastly, our Membership Committee has planned an evening of fun in March. Join us on Saturday, March 16th for the Annual Potluck, “Puttin’ on the Ritz!” 

We continue in joy! 


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