Sunday Service, February 3, 2019

Our Universalist Heritage Speaker: Dr. Jon Dreazen
Growing up in the Jewish faith, I was taught from age 5 to adulthood the history of Judaism with increasing detail and complexity as I became older. Unfortunately, we Unitarian Universalists, including myself, are relatively
clueless about our history both with regard to our Unitarian roots as well as the smaller Universalist side and we do have a long legacy.

So I am setting out to begin to remedy that fact. I will speak about our Universalist past which began in the early Christian era and follow the trail to more recent times. And the history in the U.S. actually began nearby in the Oley Valley! In addition, the First UU in Reading was one of the original PA Universalist churches prior to the union in 1961!

So prepare to be enlightened about the concept of universal salvation for all.

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