Ministers Message, January 2019

Dear friends,
Welcome to 2019! Do you feel that 2019 will be any better than 2018? We hope so (but we fear not). Here are three big, interrelated problems still before us (and, of course, there are others):

The political climate here in the U.S. The focus is on the president, but the
problem is bigger than he is – voter suppression, health care, infrastructure,
criminal justice, incivility . . .

The political climate in the world – challenges to democracy, wars and threats of war, famines, refugees, trade wars, Brexit . . .

The climate crisis. The biggest problem of all, a threat to the survival of human civilization. Is it too late already?

How can a religious community help us in all this? In particular, how can our religious community, our beloved UU fellowship be helpful?
We can provide inspiration, encouragement, an ethical foundation, perhaps some knowledge – to enable ourselves to participate in the work needed to solve the problems that confront us. We can work with other UUs, we can work with others in the Pottstown area, we can work with
others in organizations making a positive difference. We understand that God will not solve our problems for us: it is up to us (us humans).
We, metaphorically speaking, are God’s hands.

We can provide a place of peace, of rest, of spiritual renewal. Through worship, music, coffee hours and potlucks, we can be there for one another.

We are not alone facing these problems. Others who have not yet come through our doors could benefit from what our fellowship has to offer, from what we stand for. And we could benefit from their presence among us. So let’s not keep this place, this community a secret. Let’s invite others
to join us and help them to feel that this is their religious home, too. The world needs us.

     Dave  and  Kerry

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