President’s Message: December 2018

President’s Message

This past month has been a productive time for UUFP.  I’m happy to announce that the Board and the Reverends Kerry Mueller and Dave Hunter have contracted at least through June 2019 for part-time ministry and pastoral services. We feel fortunate to have found this gracious and thoughtful couple to help and work with us as we meet the challenges of ministry to ourselves and our Pottstown community, while we continue to grow and flourish as a Fellowship in these interesting times.

The Reverends Mueller and Hunter and the UUFP Board met on Saturday, November 17th for the Board’s semi-annual retreat where we got to know each other a bit and developed goals for the next year. Ahead of new goals, we reviewed the status of the goals we’d set for ourselves last winter. We found that we have accomplished an impressive number of those goals.  We:

• Created a Ministry and Worship plan to carry us forward after loss of ministry. Thank you, Linda P., Lisa J., and Mary R. for researching new ministry and laying the groundwork for the affirmation process.

• Carried off an encouragingly successful pledge campaign. Thank you, Linda K. who initiated that project and kept it humming.

• We installed a beautiful new hardwood floor in the entire RE wing .Thank you, Jon P., Frances P., Mary R., Rick D. and everyone who contributed to the funding of that project.

• We gave our sanctuary a beautiful blue facelift (Thank you, Mary R. and helpers).

• We’ve added a pianist and a bookkeeper/office manager who freed us from some tasks so that we can reinvest our energies in other tasks that build our community.

Thanks to congregational financial support! A new ministry of hope and peace and a long list of accomplishments — like holiday gifts for our beloved community!

Next month I’ll review the new goals in the January Sojourner. There are plans afoot for a program or event for our Ministers and the whole Fellowship to get to know each other better. We’ll trim our holiday tree after Sunday Service on December 2nd, celebrate Christmas with a children’s Christmas Eve service, and step into 2019 on the right foot with a New Year’s Day Labyrinth walk.

With love and wishes for a wonderful holiday season, Miranda

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