President’s Message: October 2018

President’s Message

This month marks the start-up of a special new program at UUFP – born of our “Begin Again” efforts. This group’s goal is two-fold: to assist the Sunday Service Committee in providing meaningful programming while we consider the future of ministry here and providing program choices alternative to Sunday Service for people who would like to attend UUFP regularly but who work or are parenting on Sundays. We have plans for four Friday evening events of this nature during this church calendar year. Eventually, we think we’ll offer them more often, depending on your and the community’s interest.

Aptly named “BYODD: Friday Night Chew”, we invite you to show up with your own brown-bag supper to share the evening mealtime with members and friends. We’ll provide food for thought and spirit as the evening progresses — with video presentations, readings, or a speaker –with discussions to follow. Look for more info about this month’s Friday Night Chew elsewhere in this newsletter.

The Board this year is planning for a November retreat. As any responsible Board would do, we’ll consider our annual goals. If you have ideas or suggestions for directions for this fellowship, be sure to share with me or any Board member. As well, we’ll consider the direction of our ministry, congregational safety; and a review of rules, policies, and procedures in our use of technology to assure both access to fellowship information and security.

Thanks go to Linda Pallay and Mary Ryan who continue to research ministry options tailored to our needs and budget and to Linda Kozitzky and Linda Pallay (again!) who have generously given time to train Joy, our new bookkeeper. And thank you, everyone, for the many things you all do to keep our fellowship humming.

In our common faith,


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