President’s Message June 2018

UU polity is based on a foundation of democratic tradition. Early in our nation’s history UU’s began meeting on a yearly basis to elect their leaders. Eventually, their leaders were not so much expected to be paragons of religious virtue but rather and simply delegates who governed based on the will of the members. In Unitarian and Universalist churches then, and now, there was and is no ecclesiastical power greater than the will of the members. In keeping with those Unitarian and Universalist traditions, UUFP’s Board of Directors has called the 2018 Annual Congregational meeting for Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 11:45am. At this meeting we expect to vote on our 2018-19 budget and on a slate of officers. As an added feature, after we’ve covered the official agenda items, we’ll auction off our two reserved parking spaces to the highest bidders — a fundraiser that has previously been part of our annual auction. So come to the meeting ready to vote and bid — if you like. Active Members, Associate Members, and Friends are welcome to attend the meeting, bid on the parking spaces, and participate in discussions. Only Active Members, however, may vote on agenda items. June will be a busy month for us and for other reasons too. We’re looking forward to studying our survey results and moving ahead with program planning. Also, The Board voted to support the Chester County Pride Fest being held in Phoenixville on June 2nd where we’re sponsoring a table. Please speak with Desiree if you’d like to help at the Fest. On June 16th we’re offering a Labyrinth event from 1 – 4pm. Betsy Chapman will provide live harp music for that event. Come and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to walk, meditate and reflect. There is no charge for this event and all are welcome. Our last RE class for 2017-18 will be offered on June 24th. Thanks goes to Ethan for a wonderful and meaningful year of RE for our children. Nursery services will continue to be offered throughout the summer though there might need to be some adjustments to the schedule as we move forward with the installation of our new RE wing flooring. (!!!!) Those necessary adjustments will be hard to predict so stay tuned. We’ll try to announce any changes in a timely fashion. Special thanks this month go to legendary gardeners Ginny, Kay, Bev, and Allan who planted the garden during May. Judging from appearances, it’s coming along nicely. As well, kudos to those who appeared on our work Saturday to help freshen our sanctuary with paint, repotting of plants, and straightening. There are plans for more painting.


Joy and peace, Miranda

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