“Begin Again” – Meeting March 25, 2018 @ 12:00

You are invited to join the first efforts of a brand new group which was formed at the February 18th Town Hall meeting. We call the project,

Begin Again.

It’s purpose is to help UUFP,  first, investigate and plan, and then initiate programming and ministry (broadly or narrowly defined) going forward. Author and meditation teacher Phillip Moffitt writes that however you have been “knocked off of your intended path,” you can simply “begin again,” not getting caught up in thoughts of blaming self or others. We’ll Begin Again on Sunday, March 25th at noon for our first meeting. Final decisions about ministry will be made by Congregational or BOD vote, according to our bylaws. At the meetings we’ll discuss surveys of the congregation and their results as well as ideas and plans for moving forward.

Members and friends are welcome to attend.


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