Sunday Service, February 11, 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018

What To Do When Your Moment Arrives

Speaker: Will Fuller, Community Organizer from POWER, Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild

We’ll be looking at Mordecai and Esther’s conversation as an analogy for the historical moment we’re in, and Esther’s response as one we can appropriate for ourselves. POWER is a Philadelphia based interfaith organization committed to implementing system change for the betterment of Pennsylvania communities. UUFP, through the leadership of UU Action Chair, Desiree Peterman, is a member of POWER. A son of western Kentucky, Will originally joined POWER in the fall of 2016 to complete a Community Organizing Fellowship through Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE). He currently organizes full-time for POWER’s suburban counties. A 2010 “Teach for America” alumnus, he is dedicated to the causes of educational equity, faith-based social justice, theological education reform, and racial reconciliation. He holds a Masters of Education from Lipscomb University and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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