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A Fallow Time of Growth

The earth is barren, frozen over with a thin layer of frost as we begin a new year. We are hunkering down as the weather has turned frigid and we bundle up and stay indoors.

Some of our church family are afraid to drive with good cause. If my partner had his way I would not be driving. He never knows how to get anywhere because when I drive he closes his eyes. Come to think of it my former wife did the same thing. Do you think there is a message here?

As we settle in for a long winter I want you to be of good cheer this New Year. Now is the time to center and quiet ourselves after the hustle and bustle, the mind-numbing distraction of noise, traffic and commerce this past holiday season. Now is the time to take stock of our blessing while the spirit of Christmas still lingers. Let us focus on achieving inner peace and the hope that peace will break out across this planet of ours.

The ground may be fallow but beneath its surface seeds of new hope are storing up energy that will lead to new grown in the spring in the same way we are ruminating over the events of this past year. There is much we learned of ourselves and the world if we take the time to focus on the core of our lives; the spiritual center of our being where new hope germinates and new possibilities emerge. We can do things in new ways, see our lives in a different light and can create hope anew.

For the New Year I wish you a breath of fresh air, a hint of spring, the light of hope and the warmth of love. All that is within you. Think about it, lets the seeds of new beginnings germinate within and when the season is right let it shed its winter husk and spring forth with new possibility—a bouquet of life.

Welcome to January’s bluster and the promise of a spring blooming again.

Happy New Year,

-Rev. Paul


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