Sunday Service, August 6, 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Medicine and Spirituality—An Oxymoron?           Lay leader: Jon Dreazen

At one time many years ago physicians and priests were one and the same. Healing in those days was highly dependent on accessing the patients spirituality as more modern modalities had not yet evolved. For better or worse, medical science has “progressed” and doctor patient relationships have all too often become very sterile and distant interactions lacking true contact from one soul to the other. I believe and hope that I still practice with not only my scientific expertise but also with my heart and soul as I relate to my patients. I will explore this neglected area looking at some thoughts from Hippocrates, the ethical directive of the Catholic Church for hospital care, the wisdom of Maimonides and the ignored style of Native American medicine among others. Perhaps my message will help us all to enrich each of our interactions with others and will support our First principle,

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