From The Ministers Desk: March 2017

Hope Rises in March

We came together this past February for our canvas which should just be about wrapped up. We showed a heartening display of faith in each other and in UUFP. In so doing, we demonstrated that we had greatness and love in us. Our hearts united and we showed there was nothing we cannot do when we set our minds to support a shared vision and future. We were moved to continue to fund and build this religious community because it gives us so much.

For the first time in many a year your generosity has allowed us to fund a part-time religious educator to nurture our greatest asset, our children. To grow as a religious community, we must attract young families with children. This is a wonderful step in the right direction which will serve to grow our influence in the greater Pottstown area. Our children and adults are going to more deeply connect to each other and offer each of us the opportunity to touch the transcendent with new and different eyes.

Our spirits have been enriched by this genuine display of love and affection for each other and an acknowledgment that we want UUFP to prosper. That is important to all of us. It is true we are incomplete—a work in progress as are all congregations across denominational lines. We sometimes confront each other outside the parameters of our values and principles. This occurs, I think, not out of malice but out of differing visions for this community. The wonderful thing is while we sometimes fail to live our faith we have also matured as a community and have structures in place to guide our behavior and relationships. And most importantly we have demonstrated a commitment to our shared values and principles.

We have all learned about how much we can accomplish when we come together for the common good. These lessons while sometimes difficult will serve us well into a shared future built on love, mutual respect and dedicated to our expansive faith. A part of me wants to say, I told you so—that you do have greatness within you when you open your hearts.

There is no shortage of ways to invest in UUFP beyond our pledges. You can become an evangelist for our good news of Unitarian Universalism, participate in the programs we offer, sing in our wonderful choir .  There is no reason not to… the return is incalculable and transformative when we dedicate ourselves to a greater vision of building this a beloved community that will allow us to reach out beyond the boundaries of this property.

Because you responded generously to the canvass we will be able to continue to offer all our ministries and programs to each other and to build a stronger religious education program.

The future of UUFP rests in your good hands. We are up to the challenge to support UUFP, for this congregation enriches all our lives. We are limited only by our vision of what we can achieve. Our dreams are within our reach.

In love and appreciation,

                                                                      – Rev. Paul D. Daniel

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