Ministers Musings, December 2016

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I wish you the best this holiday season. It is a time of birth and renewal, a time of living with joy for all the promise this Christmas time holds for us. Whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic or Humanist, Jesus serves as the embodiment of love and compassion we strive to manifest. He set the table of welcome for this beloved community to embody.

We are called to extend our love to each other as Jesus modeled for us. How we treat the person sitting next to us, how we engage one another defines who we are. Let us love one of another and the human family we are all a part of. Let us truly and deeply live our covenants of love that Jesus calls us to.

Regardless of our faith we are one human family and if the world is to survive we must care for all who inhabit this globe and remember that the earth is our sacred home.

For our own sake, we are called to bring justice and compassion to each other. In our human interaction, we can serve best by embodying and extending the good news of Jesus as interpreted by Unitarian Universalists to those in our human family who are yet to be treated with dignity and respect.

Let us find joy in the work of justice we are each called to. Let our work for good of humanity from the blessing that reside in the core of our hearts and minds; that deep place of love and compassion. All faiths in their own unique way call us to this. We honor each other when we create the blessed community. We honor humanity when we live the message of hope for which Jesus sacrifced his life.

We are the hope of the world. It falls to us to be the best we can be. This is always a choice. How we choose will decide the quality of life we will have and the kind of world we will leave for future generations.

May we all, by our actions become the blessing our faith calls us to.

In love and compassion I offer you my sincerest blessing for a rich and loving holiday season.

Sincerely, – Rev. Paul D. Daniel

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