From the Ministers Desk January 2107



As in every year past we all make resolutions only to break them almost as soon as we make `em. Mine is to lose the 10 pounds I recently gained but then again, I promise that every year. I could be more serious and make a genuine effort to help people and communities from the scourges of war, famine and homelessness. You get the idea. But sometimes, that feels overwhelming in the face of so much need. Any steps in that direction big or small can make a difference. As I age I don’t have the energy for big grand ef-forts so I settle on the little things I can manage in the moment; being a kinder, better, more loving and gentle person. Perhaps that can be enough to enter the New Year, with a promise I can keep.

We begin each new year in hope. I have this dream that since we are in our canvass season we will expand our support to build a more robust religious education program and expand our services to each other and the larger community. I want UUFP to be a shining beacon of pro-gressive thought in the Pottstown area.

This is our church and there is so much we can do here to better serve each other and the world, one person at a time. The level of your support for UUFP is a measure of how important this church and our mission and vision are to you and your families’ life. We all must measure how vital a spiritual life is to our wellbeing; how important this community is to us in times of joys and sorrows. Your support in all ways demonstrates your commitment.

I know this community is important to you or it would not be here these almost 50 years. It is only through the continued dedication of our members that we exist. Pledging is a serious and heartfelt commitment to support a community that represents your deepest and truest values. It is the way we give meaning to our lives and provide an environment especially for our children; to nurture their character and integrity in meeting the challenges we all will face.

What better place exists to create good, loving and compassionate people than this congrega-tion? Deep connections are what keep people here, joining and coming back. It is what keeps me here as your minister. I believe that love is the prime motive force behind all we do. UUFP helps keeps the world in perspective and our priorities straight. In a sea of conservative values our progressive faith must provide an alternative perspective, a more welcoming, inclusive, diverse community. Where else can you find Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, ag-nostics, humanists, pagans, and a host of other faith traditions worshiping together in peace and harmony without judgment or exclusion.

We can grow in outreach but only if that is our goal. We can do that if the spirit moves us to support this church and our shared values. I have resolved to dedicate myself to this faith be-cause you and all people matter. That is one resolution I have not waivered on in the 48 years I have been a Unitarian Universalist. I hope you can say the same thing and your children’s children resolve to serve humanity in the years to come. Without that kind of continued belief

and support our faith will not exist into the next century. So, when you make your New Year’s resolution for 2016-2017 put yourself, UUFP and humanity at the top of the list of promises you will keep to make life a bit more loving and the world far more peaceful and prosperous. We may not be able to save everybody but we can start one at a time. If you do that, you and this New Year will indeed be blessed.

Blessings to you and yours.

 Sincerely, Rev. Paul



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